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FloorEXP Expands Flooring Product Line with New Premium Rolled Vinyl, Event Turf and Carpet Runners

FloorEXP Expands Flooring Product Line with New Premium Rolled Vinyl, Event Turf and Carpet Runners

FloorEXP expands their online product line with new premium specialty flooring options for all types of events and occasions.

FloorEXP, the leader in the event flooring and custom event turf market has unveiled a new selection of flooring products designed to meet the needs of event planners, event designers, brands, venues and more. These new specialty flooring products include:

Contempo Rolled Vinyl Flooring --

Offers a contemporary and realistic looking floor design that is reminiscent of natural hardwood or slate stone patios. Available in 16 natural wood and stone selections, 12' wide rolls can be cut to any length up to 100' long, providing coverage for stages, tent flooring, dance floors and large areas. The solid vinyl backing can be installed on various sub-surfaces, making it a great option for any event.

Contempo Lux Rolled Vinyl Flooring --

This event flooring offers a sleek, modern aesthetic that works well at trade show booths and event spaces. These vinyl rolls are 12' wide and can be cut to any length up to 100' long, making them an ideal choice for covering event spaces of any size. Double sided tape makes installation simple and the premium felt backing provides a layer of protection for delicate surfaces.

EventFlex Rolled Vinyl Flooring --

Provides clients with a modern and attractive floor design that can be used at any event location. With its premium foam cushion backing to prevent foot fatigue, attendees can remain comfortable for extended periods of time. Multiple 12' wide rolls can be ordered in different lengths to cover multiple flooring areas for a continuous look.


Pebble Beach Turf Rolls --

Offers an option for those seeking to incorporate a synthetic turf field design into their event. This dense, plush, durable turf is ideal for sporting events, stadiums, athletic centers and can be customized and branded with a company logo, sport field design or slogan. Customers can order numerous 12' wide rolls cut to various lengths to suit any area or contact FloorEXP for a customized turf design for their event.

ChoiceTurf Rolls --

Provides event designers, planners and rental companies with a dependable and resilient commercial grade synthetic turf that is able to meet the rigorous flooring needs of any event. Constructed with durability in mind, ChoiceTurf is thicker and fuller than other cost-effective alternatives that installs quickly and laid-out evenly. For sporting tournaments to corporate events, amusement parks to concerts, ChoiceTurf Rolls is a popular option for transforming outdoor spaces and parking lots into an all-weather event-ready area.

Plush Event Carpet Runners --

An effortless and fashionable way to elevate any special occasion. Made from high-quality materials and secure binding to avoid fraying, these carpet runners make a great addition to weddings, award ceremonies, corporate events, venues and other events. Offered in multiple sizes, the premium and plush carpet runners create a remarkable and memorable experience that will have a lasting impact on guests and attendees. FloorEXP can also provide custom and branded event carpet runners for clients to showcase and highlight their event, sponsors or brand.

FloorEXP is dedicated to offering top-notch temporary event flooring solutions for any occasion. Each of these products offers a unique set of benefits that can be tailored to the specific needs of any event or client. With the inclusion of these six new flooring product options, FloorEXP is well-equipped to assist its customers in crafting a meaningful and successful event experience.


About FloorEXP -
FloorEXP is a provider and manufacturer of custom designed event flooring. The company has a range of flooring options, such as branded logo rugs, carpet runners, turf, and vinyl flooring. FloorEXP's products are suitable for a variety of occasions, from trade shows and conferences to weddings and corporate events. For more information about FloorEXP, visit or call 562-296-2076 and email

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