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About Us


A Creative Flooring Agency

Our company’s roots start back in 2012. We’ve built everything you see from the floor up, literally.

Custom flooring is a game changer, when it comes to showcasing your business and brand. You only have a matter of seconds to capture your audience’s attention, a bright, creative, custom design, that draws attention and gets you remembered, is what we pride ourselves in creating. We will help you capture your audience’s attention and be unforgettable.

In a few simple words, we love what we do and actually care about getting flooring perfect for any vision you have.

At FloorEXP we listen, we engage, we embrace your idea, your design, your brand or logo, producing the most innovative custom flooring in the industry. Elegant, playful, subtle or bold, FloorEXP works with you building your concept from the ground up.

FloorEXP is about EXPERIENCES. From experiential campaigns to expos, events to retail marketing, using carpet or turf, vinyl or grass, and anything in between. Discover how we can boost your brand and floor your customers. We’re divergent, we’re a little out there. We’ll help you stand out with the some of the wildest custom event flooring.

FloorEXP is about PEOPLE. The people on our team and the people on yours. We’re devoted to excellence. B2B and P2P – business-to-business and people-to-people. We’re activists, we’re environmentalists. We care about you, we care about your customers, and we care about the planet.

So, tell us about you. Tell us about your energy, your experience, your people. Tell us about your project and let’s hit the ground running!