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Experience the Benefits of ChoiceTurf™️ Event Turf Rolls

Experience the Benefits of ChoiceTurf™️ Event Turf Rolls

ChoiceTurf™️ Built 'Turf TOUGH' for
Versatility, Portability and Durability!

If you're hosting an outdoor event and want to make sure your guests have an enjoyable experience, look no further than ChoiceTurf™️ event turf rolls.

ChoiceTurf™️ synthetic turf provides the perfect balance between cost and quality, and is manufactured for optimal performance; ensuring your event will be a success.

Designed to be "Turf TOUGH", ChoiceTurf™️ commercial grade synthetic turf can withstand the daily rigors of foot and vehicle traffic at any event or occasion. The event turf is thicker and fuller than other economical alternatives, and installs quicker and lays evenly.

This makes it the preferred choice for event designers, event planners, event rental companies, tented events, tailgates, sporting tournaments, theme parks, concerts, venues, corporate events and more.

ChoiceTurf™️ event turf rolls are designed for versatility, portability and durability. They are environmentally friendly, low maintenance and safe for use at any location. The multi-purpose, high quality event turf will instantly transform any open space, parking lot or sub-floor into an all-weather event-ready space.

The turf rolls come in either Black or Green, and can be ordered by the foot up to 100’ in length. Plus, they ship fast, making it easy to get the event turf you need when you need it.

ChoiceTurf™️ event turf rolls are manufactured to peak performance and durability. They are 12' wide by 100' long and have a face weight of 26oz sq/yd and pile thickness of 0.375 inches. With their low pile, economy grade turf, you can easily install them with double sided carpet tape and order multiple rolls to fill larger spaces.

Check out the turf installation video below on how to transform a parking lot into a tailgate event anywhere!

If you're looking for an attractive, trusted and durable event turf floor, look no further than ChoiceTurf™️ event turf rolls.

With its "Turf TOUGH" construction and fast shipping, you can be sure that your outdoor event will be a success. Connect with us today to learn more and start transforming your outdoor space.

Whatever you can imagine, our skilled team can design and create for you!

Contact us today!


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