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Plush Carpet Runners - Red

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Make your event entrance glam with a Plush Red Carpet Runner!

Our Plush Carpet Runners are finished with binding sewn around the edges to help prevent the carpet from fraying while also providing a clean, finished look.

A red carpet runner adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to special events such as weddings, award ceremonies, galas, or other formal occasions. Here are some ways you can use a red carpet runner:

  1. Entrance: Place the red carpet runner at the entrance of the event venue, leading guests from the entrance to the main area of the event. This will give guests a grand entrance experience and create a luxurious atmosphere.

  2. Photo backdrop: The red carpet runner can also be used as a photo backdrop, providing a beautiful and glamorous backdrop for taking photos. You can set up a photo booth with props and encourage guests to take photos on the red carpet.

  3. Aisle runner: If you are having a wedding ceremony, you can use the red carpet runner as an aisle runner. This will create a dramatic and romantic atmosphere as the bride walks down the aisle.

  4. VIP areas: If you have VIP areas or special seating areas at your event, you can use the red carpet runner to distinguish these areas and give them a more exclusive feel.

Overall, a carpet runner can add a touch of glamour to any event and create a memorable experience for guests.

Available in 5 great colors: red, cobalt blue, white, black, and grey!

Don't see the size you need? FloorEXP can create custom size carpet runners with bound edges for any event, wedding, or party!

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