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12ft Wide Event Synthetic Grass Rolls

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$1,008.00 - $1,408.00
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  • 12'X100' Wide Turf Rolls
  • Very Lightweight and Easy to Install!
  • Order By the Roll in 100’ Lengths
  • Green Grass With Thatch Style Turf
  • Easy to Install with Double Sided Carpet Tape
  • Order Multiple Rolls to Fill Larger Spaces
  • Contact Us for Bulk Pricing on 10 Rolls or More

One of the best things about Event Synthetic Grass is how easy it is to install and remove. The roll-out design makes it simple to set up, while the ability to roll it back up again means that you can easily transport it from one location to another. This makes it an ideal choice for trade shows, conferences, and other events where you need a beautiful, eye-catching display without the hassle of traditional landscaping.

Our Event Synthetic Grass is also eco-friendly, requiring no water, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a lush lawn without any of the headaches. 

Event Synthetic Grass can be an excellent option for a special event, as it offers a low-maintenance and visually appealing alternative to natural grass. Lightweight and economical, Event Synthetic Grass can be used in a number of ways to enhance the visual scenery of your event or trade show booth:

  1. Create an outdoor lounge area: Use synthetic grass to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor lounge area. You can add outdoor furniture, pillows, and blankets to make it feel cozy and inviting.

  2. Set up a photo booth: Create a fun and festive photo booth with a backdrop made of synthetic grass. Add props and accessories that are relevant to the event, such as balloons, signs, or themed items.

  3. Use it for a game or activity: Synthetic grass can be used for a variety of outdoor games and activities, such as lawn bowling, croquet, or even mini golf.

  4. Decorate a stage or platform: If your event includes a stage or platform, use synthetic grass to create a visually appealing backdrop. You can add other decorative elements, such as flowers or banners, to complete the look.

  5. Design a unique seating arrangement: Synthetic grass can be used to create a unique and comfortable seating arrangement for guests. You can create an outdoor lounge or picnic area, or even create individual seating areas with synthetic grass mats.

  6. Use it as a flooring option: Synthetic grass can be used as an alternative flooring option for outdoor events. It can be placed over concrete or other hard surfaces to create a softer and more inviting outdoor space.

Remember to choose the appropriate type and quality of synthetic grass for your event, and to properly prepare the area where it will be installed.

Whether you're looking to add some greenery to your event space or create a comfortable outdoor area for your customers, our Synthetic Grass is the perfect solution.

Download Event Synthetic Grass Product Brochure (PDF)

Installation Guide (PDF)


Product Type Turf
Fiber Nylon
Dye Method Solution Dyed
Primary Backing Urethane
Product Size 12 ft x 100 ft
Face Weight 16 oz/sq yd
Pile Thickness 0.375 in
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